Dear followers

So on top of being sick, my internet went out at the beginning of this week.

My mum was kind enough to let me use her phones 3G to post this message to you guys.

Internet provider said our internet service probably wont be back until September 2nd.

So, basically I wont be online anywhere until it comes back and/or I’m at someones house and stealing their wifi ;)

Until then, stay awesome guys

Did I go buy the same sweater that Cosima wears?

Why yes, yes I did. ;)

preponsarmy asked: "i hope you get better and feel good soon :)"

Thank you so much sweetie! :3 x

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Hey guys :3 

I just wanted to apologise for not posting or anything recently.

My health has been pretty shitty and everything is blah.

But hopefully that’ll change soon and I’ll be back to spam your dash with lots of Helena and OB shite ;)

- Fay xoxo

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A trip to London?


My mom is thinking of having a vacation to London next summer! I hope we can go, I’d love to see England.

Fay, helenatheclonekiller helenamanninge302a how cool would it be if we could meet up?!

I hope this works out.

If you come here we are meeting up and IT WILL BE GLORIOUS!!



My poor, poor Rachel…

#RUDE TAGS #but accurate #i mostly feel sorry for Rachel #if she hadn’t gone against her sisters and gone toe to toe with Sarah #if she hadn’t destroyed Cosima’s chance of survival because it didn’t work as a piece of leverage #she could have been part of the seestrahood #it makes me sad because for a hot second I thought perhaps perhaps they were going to turn her and rehabilitate her the way they did Helena #but instead we have poor poor Rachel #who is twisted in a way you can’t forgive but still pity because you understand why #and it draws the question: can someone so lost be still be saved?

I’m sorry but I read the last gif as ‘Martini’.

Ahahahaha! Oh god help me!

whathappenedtoyouhelena asked: "Happy Esther Day fellow nerdfighter!"

Woooh! Another Nerdfighter!
Happy Esther day sweet pea :3

Oh yeah, I am still planning to make my Cosima hair and makeup tutorial

I’m just waiting to get my backdrop :)

What do you mean I’m obsessed with orphan black?!

What do you mean I’m obsessed with orphan black?!

Happy Esther Day :D

I love you all!

Right, everyone who follows me knows how much I talk about my mum who literally has the same hair as Rachel Duncan.

Weeeeell funny story.

My big sestra (her name is Beth ahahahahhaa) and my niece Skye were over visiting yesterday. Anyway Skye was playing with the dog and had this like cat toy. Those ones that are like a fishing rod with a stretchy string and fish on the end.

Anyway my dog let go of it and it pinged my mum RIGHT IN THE EYE.

She is the real life Rachel Duncan.

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Petition for Sarah flashbacks in season 3 with Jodelle Ferland as teen Sarah








Omg! Jodelle would be perfect!


In case anyone was wondering what an “E-broclone” might look like…
EBro as Tony


In case anyone was wondering what an “E-broclone” might look like…

EBro as Tony